Politics and Climate Change

Global Warming. I swear to God this issue terrifies me, and this article makes me want to beat my head against the nearest sharp corner I can find. Perhaps massive brain trauma will spare me from the endless back and forth in which our government exists.

One of the main things I can never seem to wrap my mind around is why this is a political issue in the first place? This is overwhelmingly a human issue. The science is undeniable – in the 250 years since the industrial revolution humans have altered the climate more than nature could have done in more than 10,000 years. It doesn’t take a meteorologist to recognize that the change in the climate is causing an increasing number of catastrophic weather events around the world. There are entire cities that exist in a constant cloud of smog. In 2005 the sea tried to reclaim New Orleans. Just a few weeks ago a mud slide engulfed an entire town. I can’t turn on the news in the morning, and often I don’t anymore, without being force fed the horrors of one or more natural disasters. At the end of April there was a news report on how strange it was that there hadn’t been any devastating tornados in the middle of the country. Two days later dozens of people had died at the hands of monstrous cyclones.

I become very afraid when any issue becomes a “hot button” topic for the government to argue over. The article quotes several republican law makers whose opinions range from “there’s nothing we can do,” to global warming being a “total fraud” designed by “liberals who want to create global government.” Another Republican Representative referenced the Bible and the great flood when asked about climate change. So much for the separation of church and state.

My great fear about this issue is that the bickering and in-fighting that has become the norm for our Government will continue to allow this real problem to persist as we continue to do serious and irreparable damage to our planet. I wonder what it will take to galvanize both sides behind moving forward in a solution. The stick-your0head-in-the-sand approach is not going to fix anything.

I was having a conversation about this issue with my Grandmother a while back and a truly horrible sentiment came to me – I don’t believe anything will be done about this issue until some catastrophic event wipes out half the world’s population. Maybe nuclear holocaust, or a pandemic, or a cloud of smog that strangles out sunlight and oxygen, or the rising sea swallowing huge masses of earth will be the only things to motivate the world into action.

We need new renewable options and the continued development of existing technologies to wean us from our dependence on consumption of our natural resources. We need to stop polluting. We likely need to become more of an agrarian society, focusing more on living off the land then paving it over. I hate the thought that it is going to take a catastrophic event to spur change, but I fear that is the reality of this situation.



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